Theka the Martyr is a level 46 elite undead troll mini-boss found in Zul'Farrak.


A historical figure in sand troll society who sacrificed himself for the benefit of his people, those who persecuted him were forever cursed into the form of scarabs. Yeh'kinya wants the tablet that Theka possesses.


His fight is a simple one, same as fighting a standard trash mob, but with a twist. At about 25% HP he becomes immune to physical and shadow damage. However, if you stunlock him from 25-0% he will NOT become immune. Also, as of patch 1.12 the immunity is a buff that wears off after 30 seconds. AoE damage must be avoided as the numerous scarabs surrounding him can overwhelm a party. Note that Theka is an undead target and can be hit with spells such as Exorcism, Shackle Undead, Holy Wrath, and Turn Undead.



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