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The centaur was said to be the cursed bastard son of Cenarius.[1] (W3Man 142) [2] (MoM 21) [3] (HPG 25, 209) His brother was known as the "the keeper of the grove" (perhaps Zaetar) and his sister "the dryad". He grew to despise his siblings, and then all other creatures of the world, and challenged his father. He believed he was the strongest of the three children. He believed that his father didn't love him, and doted on his siblings. He embraced hatred and savagery and struck his father in blind rage, trying to force his father to love him more than all other creatures. Cenarius then cursed his son, stripping him of his beauty and powers, leaving him only with his hatred and anger. The centaur fled in rage and swore a blood feud on all the creatures of the world. His children carry his anger, and are destructive. They hate the tauren, and like their father, hate all of creatures of the world.[3] (HPG 209)

Children Edit

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He is believed to be the father of at least the Krenka tribe. He may have also fathered the centaur in the eastern kingdoms, and possibly the Centaur Marauders and Stonetalon centaurs. Cenarius' son Zaetar is believed to be the father of five tribes (Kolkar, Magram, Mauradine, Gelkis, and Galak), although some of "the centaur's" offspring may have integrated into those tribes.

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