The Unforgiven is a level 57 elite wraith in Stratholme. Not much is known about The Unforgiven, but some have mentioned his mask is a truly powerful item.


It usually isn't alone, so be prepared for a fight. It will spawn when you walk past an archway after you take right turn after the rat gate trap, near Hearthsinger Forresten. The Unforgiven spawn is scripted, so have your party members rest before going any closer to the archway. Some non-elites spawn too, but a mage can take care of them easily. The Unforgiven casts Frost Nova now and then. Very easy fight.


Notable Loot
Inv misc bandana 01
Inv weapon halberd 05
Inv bracer 13
Inv shoulder 25
Inv gauntlets 17
Inv jewelry talisman 12250250


This mini-boss could be a reference to the Metallica song "The Unforgiven".

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