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{{Infoline|1=As of June 19, 2007 - The Eye no longer requires attunement - see []}}
|flavor=A crystalline key that is seemingly held together by beams of light.
|name=The Tempest Key
'''The Tempest Key''' is the key to enter [[Eye (Tempest Keep)|the Eye]] of [[Tempest Keep]], the inner sanctum of [[Kael'thas Sunstrider]].
{{Loot|Common|The Tempest Key}} allows players to enter [[The Eye]] - the center palace of [[Tempest Keep]] - and defeat [[Kael'thas Sunstrider]]. This fight is required for several attunement quests. The Tempest Key is not used like an actual key, but rather, like the [[Drakefire Amulet]], it is a passive item that attunes you to the instance.
The key is no longer needed to enter [[Eye (Tempest Keep)|the Eye]].[]
== Obtaining the Tempest Key ==
As of Patch 2.3, those completing this quest and {{questlong|Neutral|70R|The Cudgel of Kar'desh}} at level 70 are granted the right to use the title [[Champion of the Naaru]].
The Tempest Key is given after a long quest chain that begins after completing [[The Hand of Gul'dan quest chain]] (starts with {{questlong|Neutral|70|The Hand of Gul'Dan}}) for {{item|The Cipher of Damnation}} in Shadowmoon Valley. Upon completing the Cipher quest, you will receive (immediately) a letter in the mail from [[Khadgar]], asking you to travel to [[Shattrath City]] to speak to him.
*{{questlong|Neutral|70|The Tempest Key}}: Khadgar instructs you to speak to [[A'dal]], who sends you on a series of trials.
**{{questlong|Neutral|70|Trial of the Naaru: Mercy}}: A'dal sends you to [[the Shattered Halls]] of [[Hellfire Citadel]] to retrieve the {{loot|Common|Unused Axe of the Executioner}}. You must kill all three of the bosses in the Halls. This MUST be done on [[Heroic]] difficulty.
The Tempest Key is obtained after completing {{questlong|neutral|70|Trial of the Naaru: Magtheridon}}. See the [[Tempest Key Guide]] for the full details.
**{{questlong|Neutral|70|Trial of the Naaru: Strength}}: This requires two instance runs, both on Heroic: You must kill [[Warlord Kalithresh]] in [[the Steamvault]] of [[Coilfang Reservoir]] and retrieve {{loot|Common|Kalithresh's Trident}}, then travel to the [[Shadow Labyrinth]] in [[Auchindoun]], destroy [[Murmur]], and take {{loot|Common|Murmur's Essence}}.
==External links==
**{{questlong|Neutral|70|Trial of the Naaru: Tenacity}}: Enter [[the Arcatraz]] - a satellite of [[Tempest Keep]] - and rescue [[Millhouse Manastorm]]. This must be done on Heroic difficulty.
**{{questlong|Neutral|70|Trial of the Naaru: Magtheridon}}: Finally, you must enter [[Magtheridon's Lair]] and slay [[Magtheridon]], a 25-man raid boss.
Upon completing all four quests, A'dal will grant you the Tempest Key (along with {{loot|Epic|Phoenix-fire Band}}) and you will be allowed to enter [[The Eye]], Kael'thas' sanctum, for the final confrontation with the "Sun King".
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[[Category:World of Warcraft common items|Tempest Key]]
==Quest progression==
{{:The Hand of Gul'dan quest chain}}
Either read the letter from [[Khadgar]] or speak to him in [[Shattrath City]].
<onlyinclude><includeonly>This is {{item|The Tempest Key}} [[Tempest Key guide|quest chain]]
Prerequisite: [[The Hand of Gul'dan quest chain]]</includeonly>
#{{questlong|Neutral|70|The Tempest Key}}
#*{{questlong|Neutral|70H|Trial of the Naaru: Mercy}}
#*{{questlong|Neutral|70H|Trial of the Naaru: Strength}}
#*{{questlong|Neutral|70H|Trial of the Naaru: Tenacity}}
#{{questlong|Neutral|70R|Trial of the Naaru: Magtheridon}}</onlyinclude>
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== Keys required for quests ==
The following Heroic entry keys are required, and you must be {{Honored}} with a certain faction to obtain them:
*[[Flamewrought Key]] ([[Honor Hold]]/[[Thrallmar]]): Unlocks [[Heroic]] mode in [[Hellfire Citadel]].
*[[Reservoir Key]] ([[Cenarion Expedition]]): Unlocks Heroic mode in [[Coilfang Reservoir]].
*[[Auchenai Key]] ([[Lower City]]): Unlocks Heroic mode in [[Auchindoun]].
*[[Warpforged Key]] ([[Sha'tar]]): Unlocks Heroic mode in [[Tempest Keep]].
*[[The Shattered Halls]], [[Shadow Labyrinth]], and [[The Arcatraz]] also have their own entry keys; however, only one person in the group with the key or a lockpicker is required to get past them.
==Title: Champion of the Naaru==
In [[Patch 2.3.0]], players who complete (or have completed) this quest chain will be given the title "Champion of the Naaru". [] Players who complete (or have completed) this quest but still do not obtain the title are advised to talk to A'dal once more and then reload the client.
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The Tempest Key is the key to enter the Eye of Tempest Keep, the inner sanctum of Kael'thas Sunstrider.

The key is no longer needed to enter the Eye.[1]

As of Patch 2.3, those completing this quest and Neutral 15 [70R] The Cudgel of Kar'desh at level 70 are granted the right to use the title Champion of the Naaru.


The Tempest Key is obtained after completing Neutral 15 [70] Trial of the Naaru: Magtheridon. See the Tempest Key Guide for the full details.

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