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==Major Characters==
==Major Characters==
*[[Kalecgos|Kalecgos (Kalec)]]
*{{RaceIconExt|DragonBlue|Small}} [[Kalecgos|Kalecgos (Kalec)]]
*{{RaceIcon|Human|Female|Small}} [[Anveena]]
*[[Tyrygosa|Tyrygosa (Tyri)]]
*{{RaceIconExt|DragonBlue|Small}} [[Tyrygosa|Tyrygosa (Tyri)]]
*[[Jorad Mace]]
*{{RaceIcon|Human|Male|Small}} [[Jorad Mace]]
*{{RaceIconExt|Unknown|Small}} [[Raac]]
*{{RaceIcon|Troll|Male|Small}} [[Snee]]
*{{RaceIcon|Troll|Male|Small}} [[Voll]]
*{{RaceIcon|Orc|Male|Small}} [[Groth]]
*[[Harkyn Grymstone]]
*{{RaceIcon|Dwarf|Male|Small}} [[Harkyn Grymstone]]
*[[Dar'Khan Drathir]]
*{{RaceIcon|HighElf|Male|Small}} [[Dar'Khan Drathir]]
*[[Valimar Mordis]]
*{{RaceIcon|Undead|Male|Small}} [[Valimar Mordis]]
*[[Trag Highmountain]]
*{{RaceIcon|Tauren|Male|Small}} [[Trag Highmountain]]
*{{RaceIconExt|Ghoul|Small}} [[Ichor]]
*[[Loggi Grymstone]]
*{{RaceIcon|Dwarf|Male|Small}} [[Loggi Grymstone]]
*[[Korialstrasz|Korialstrasz (Borel, Krasus)]]
*{{RaceIconExt|DragonRed|Small}} [[Korialstrasz|Korialstrasz (Borel, Krasus)]]
*[[Lor'themar Theron]]
*{{RaceIcon|BloodElf|Male|Small}} [[Lor'themar Theron]]
*[[Halduron Brightwing]]
*{{RaceIcon|BloodElf|Male|Small}} [[Halduron Brightwing]]
*[[Sylvanas Windrunner]]
*{{RaceIcon|UndeadElf|Female|Small}} [[Sylvanas Windrunner]]
*[[Dath'Remar Sunstrider]]
*{{RaceIcon|HighElf|Male|Small}} [[Dath'Remar Sunstrider]]
''Return to [[Sources]] page''
''Return to [[Sources]] page''

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Major Characters

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The Sunwell Trilogy occurs concurrently with Brann's journey through the Eastern Kingdoms as chronicled in Lands of Conflict. Dragonhunt covers the fall of Tarren Mill, which occurs before Brann Bronzebeard's journey through Hillsbrad (after the Forsaken had taken over the town). Ghostlands occurs not long after Brann's journey through Quel'Thalas. Brann had reached Quel'Thalas before the blood elves had retaken Silvermoon, or any areas in Quel'Thalas.

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