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The Sanctum

The Sanctum

The Sanctum is a church found within Stromgarde Keep. It is currently under control of the Alliance

A most holy site within Stromgarde, the Sanctum is the only church found within the Arathi Highlands. Caretakers of the Trollbane dynasty would once learn their rites within these halls. Due to the many fallen heroes that surround it's burial site, it is believed to wield a power akin to that of Light's Hope, where the fallen heroes of Lordaeron during the Third War were buried. Whilst not as significant, it is believed to be a major obstacle for the Forsaken advance now Galen Trollbane has been killed and risen.

The Sanctum was a part of the quest Horde 15 [42] Trol'kalar, and is located in Arathi Highlands at approximately [22.5, 61.5]
.Horde 15 [42] Trol'kalar is no longer obtainable as of Cataclysm-Logo-Small Cataclysm.
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