This article contains lore taken from Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness, Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal, the manuals, and official bonus maps.


With the capture of the Elven Runestone, Gul'dan has been able to warp the power it contains to mutate an entire legion of his loyal and ruthless Ogres into wielders of arcane magiks.

Along with this transformation these Ogre-Magi have been granted deadly magiks and a malicious cunning rivaling that of Gul'dan himself.

You are to employ the Ogre-Magi in the creation and defense of a Fortress at the mouth of Tyr's Bay, cutting off the Human supply lines into Quel'thalas.


  • Build a Fortress and a Shipyard on the island at the mouth of Tyr's Bay.


As usual, Urok's forces needed scores of slaves to build and collect material, so training began in earnest while their warships sailed out with a flier to quickly eliminate an enemy platform to the northeast. This cut the Alliance oil production in half. The Horde unit's own oil production started with the launching of a tanker. A foundry went up next to produce juggernaughts. Towers were erected to guard the coastline against submersibles and landing raiders. A large labor force was amassing wealth to build the necessary warships. While the bay filled with their ships, they upgraded their hall into a stronhold, built an ogre mound, and then provided an alchemist lab for more Zeppelins.

Once Urok's unit had six or seven juggernaughts at their disposal, they sent them out with fliers and began pounding the coastline, concentrating on the enemy shipyards to put an end to their naval force. During this time, they again fortified their stronghold into a stalward fortress; and also erected an altar of storms to instruct their ogres in the dark arts. A constant stream of juggernaughts sailed out to replace those they had lost. A second barracks went up to double the training of ogre-magi.

After the enemy shipyards had been removed, they began assembling an amphibious force of two transports loaded with three catapults, eight ogre-magi, and a single worker. Their juggernaughts then began to carefully take out towers and ballistas on the central island while avoiding those on the mainland. Whe the transports arrived and landed, supported by cannon fire from nearby juggernaught, the ogres quickly cast bloodlust on themselves and set to work demolishing the remaining forces on the island, staying near the catapults until they could remove the rest of the towers from a safe distance. All that remained was to build necessary fortress and shipyard on the island, sealing the fate of the Alliance forces on the mainland.[1] (W2ToDOSG 184, 185)

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