The Rawrcast Show is a weekly World of Warcraft podcast produced by Haf (Rusty) and Stompalina (Denise). Together they cover game-related topics, news, opinions, and reviews. They also occasionally welcome guests who help to shape our in-game adventures, and our out-of-game community of players. We have quickly made quite a name for ourselves as a fun-loving couple who are open and responsive to our community, and who offer our perspective with a great personal edge.

In addition to their iTunes, Zune, and direct RSS feed, they also broadcast the show live each week to a crowd of listeners who actively participate in the banter by asking questions via their lively chat room moderator, Mullets.

Show Sections Edit

The Rawrcast Show is divided into different sections. They are typically in the same order:

News and ReviewsEdit

Coverage of selected World of Warcraft and general MMO industry news.

Huge SackEdit

Listener e-mails and discussions surrounding listener contributions.

FFA: Free for AllEdit

Live chat room Q&A session.

Praise for Rawrcast Edit

  • “Stompalina is one of the most enthusiastic podcasters out there, and she and Haf have given a great gift to the WoW community with Rawrcast. One of the best.” - Mike Schramm, Senior Editor,
  • “One of the most informative World Of Warcast podcasts on the net, Rawrcast’s Stompalina and Hafrot get down and dirty with the game so you don’t have to. As hardcore players they offer a perspective on the game that others can’t.” - Starman, World Of Warcast
  • “… I just started giving a listen to Rawrcast to see what they are doing…” - Nethaera, Blizzard Community Forums
  • “The podcast is simply overflowing with goodness from every crack!” - Michelle, Warcraft Outsiders

Outside of the Show Edit


Raiding and guild relations are a frequent topic of discussion on the show. Haf and Stomp's guild is Bound on the US Staghelm server. Founded 6/09, Bound is a guild based upon constant improvement and communication. While raiding is their largest focus, it is balanced with all other aspects of the game. Bound is comprised of mature gamers who have a consistent vision of what it takes maintain raiding at a high level.

Bound is group of players who came together around Rawrcast, who have grown into a group of friends and colleagues who put as much into the guild as we get out of it. Since they have a fairly strict 21+ requirement, they tend to be very like minded adults who have come to share a common hobby, goals, and drive for progression and constant improvement.

More information about Bound can be found at

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