The Prophet Tharon'ja is the last boss of Drak'Tharon Keep. He is a large skeletal Windserpent, much like the Avatar of Hakkar.


He begins the fight as a skeletal serpent with a few abilities:

  • Shadowbolt (2000 damage)
  • Curse of Life (Drains 50% of the enemy's health.)

At certain intervals he uses Decay Flesh, sucking the player's lives and turning him into a mortal Windserpent while turning the players into undead skeletons When in this form, the skeleton players have four spells:

  • Touch of Life: Instant cast, 20 yard range, steals 1900 to 2100 life from target enemy. 5 second cooldown.
  • Bone Armor: Instant cast, encases the caster in bone armor, absorbing 4163 to 4837 damage for 10 sec. While the armor holds, spellcasting cannot be interrupted by physical attacks. 10 second cooldown.
  • Taunt: Instant cast, 10 yard range, taunts the creature, increasing the chance that it will attack the caster.
  • Slaying Strike: Instant cast, 8 yard range, requires melee weapon, inflicts normal damage plus 602 to 698 to an enemy. 1 sec cooldown.

After a certain percentage of damage is done in this form, everyone switches back. The cycle repeats until he is dead.


Normal mode
Inv helmet 104
Inv shield 51
Inv pants plate 21

Heroic mode
Racial troll berserk
Inv bracer 17
Spell frost frozencore2020
Inv gauntlets 55


Upon aggroing:

  • "Tharon'ja sees all! The work of mortals shall not end the eternal dynasty!"

Casting Decay Flesh:

  • "Your flesh serves Tharon'ja now!"
  • "Tharon'ja has a use for your mortal shell!"

Upon slaying a player:

  • "As Tharon'ja predicted."
  • "As it was written."

When players turn into skeletons:

  • "No! A taste... all too brief!"
  • "Tharon'ja will have more!"

Upon death:

  • "Im... impossible! Tharon'ja is eternal! Tharon'ja... is..."

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