The Qiraji Prophet Skerram is an important religious leader in Ahn'Qiraj. He wrote the Prophecy of C'Thun. He is a boss found in the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj.


  1. Mind Controls people (not dispellable).
  2. Create image. At 75%, 50%, and 25%, creates two images that have identical abilities to Skeram. Last 30 seconds.
  3. Arcane Explosion (1.5K, large radius)
  4. Earth Shock (2.5K)
  5. Blinks to either platform beside him, clearing aggro.


Note: As of this writing, Skeram was only available on the public test realm. Anything stated here may be buggy or change between now and the openning of the gates on the live servers. My knowledge is also limited, but it's better than nothing :)

The first boss encounter is a short jog from the entrance of the zone - about 4 or 5 trash pulls. Skeram is a lovely insectoid with a giant neck-like structure with a small head on top. One of the more creative boss models to be sure. The strategy to the Skeram fight is not well-know at this time, but some details are known. He is said to be near the difficulty of the Molten Core boss Majordomo Executus, and similarily to Domo, Skeram requires a skill and strategy to beat over gear. Gear certainly helps, however, and I would not recommend this encounter to a group which has not been through the Molten Core up to at least Domo.

For this fight, I would recommend 5 of each class, and at least 3 warriors geared as main tanks. Ideally, a feral druid with tanking gear is also available - feral charge can be useful if Skeram teleports or if one of his copies get away. The druid can act as an offtank to bring Skeram back to the warriors or to substitute as a main tank.

Out of combat rezzing is not a possibility in this fight, because not only is the entire instance flagged in combat, but Skeram does a devastating AE if anyone is outside a certain range of him (about 100 yards by my estimation).

Skeram's abilities include a teleport. He seems to most often teleport to one of the three platforms near where Skeram starts, but I have also seen some strange, at this time completely unpredictable, behavior with the teleport ability. Skeram also has the ability to split himself into 3 copies - hence the 3 main tanks. Each prophet will do a large-range arcane AE attack that, for the most part, cannot be avoided. The AE damage is small enough that it should be able to be easily healed. (On the test realm, the Skeram(s) could be tanked below while the ranged dps and healers could climb up the stone structure to avoid the AE. This seemed to me to be an exploit and will likely be fixed by the time this encounter goes live.)

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