Achievement zone firelands Neutral 15 The Molten Front Offensive 10 Money achievement
Unlock each of the following in the attack on the Molten Front.
  • Stop the assault on the Sanctuary of Malorne.
  • Recruit the Druids of the Talon
  • Recruit Elderlimb and the ancients
  • Build a moonwell
  • Save Anren Shadowseeker
  • Gain access to the Molten Front
  • Recruit the Shadow Wardens
  • Recruit an armorer
  • Find the Fire Lasher
Reward: Ability mount warhippogryph [Flameward Hippogryph]

The Molten Front Offensive is an achievement that can be completed by essentially running through the Firelands Invasion quests. The associated quests for each of the criteria are listed below, in order.


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