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The Lady's Necklace is a necklace intended to be given by Alleria Windrunner to her sister, Sylvanas, before Alleria left through the Dark Portal for the Alliance Expedition assault on Draenor. Vereesa Windrunner was given an identical necklace. The three necklaces were once part of a larger one given to Alleria by their parents, which she had melted down and crafted into three lockets in Stormwind. The emerald she kept for herself, and she gave the ruby and the sapphire to her second, Verana, to deliver to her sisters.[1] (BtDP 200)

The Lady's Necklace drops from any of the Fallen Rangers and Deatholme Acolytes residing in Windrunner Spire. Sylvanas usually sings Lament of the Highborne upon presenting the locket though she has been known not to.


Starts the quest Horde 15 [15] The Lady's Necklace

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