The Five Thunders is the second Dungeon set for Shamans.


This set is obtained by upgrading The Elements through Quests.

See a detailed description of the upgrade quests.




The Five Thunders
Inv bracer 02
Inv boots wolf
Inv helmet 04
Inv belt 16
Inv gauntlets 11
Inv pants 03
Inv shoulder 29
Inv chest chain 11


When deciding whether or not to pursue the upgrade quests, every player must decide whether it's truly worth it. Obviously, if you are in a guild that can raid the entirety of Molten Core weekly, upgrading to this set may be considered pointless by some. So, exactly when is it worth it to upgrade?

Simply put, doing all the quests for the whole Tier 0.5 set takes roughly 1 week of dedicated play and, depending on your class and your server's economy, can cost upwards of 500g. When compared to the PVP set and the Tier 1 and 2 sets the 0.5 set has more strength and spell damage and could be easily compared to the non-epic PVP sets for a Shaman. The cost is high but then again you don't have to grind ranks for weeks to obtain it. 500g is not that much and the quest line does offer almost 100g in completing quests and almost 40g in random drops along the way, more if you're lucky. The only set that is considered a true upgrade to the 0.5 set is not Tier 1 or the lackluster Tier 2 but is the Tier 2.5 (aka AQ40 set, Stormcaller's Garb).

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