Inv misc celebrationcake 01 Neutral 15 The Cake Is Not A Lie 10 Money achievement
Bake a Inv misc celebrationcake 01 [Delicious Chocolate Cake].

The Cake Is Not A Lie is a cooking achievement for baking a [Delicious Chocolate Cake], one of the required achievements for the <Chef> title, from completing the meta-achievement Achievement profession chefhat [Hail to the Chef].


The achievement title is a reference to the video game Portal. Its antagonist supercomputer GLaDOS offers the player cake as an incentive for solving a series of puzzles; however, no cake is ever rewarded. The achievement refers the wall graffiti in-game stating THE CAKE IS A LIE which has become a popular internet meme.


Strangely the cake doesn't need any chocolate to be cooked. The Chocolate is a Lie.

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