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===Normal PTR encounter===
===Normal PTR encounter===
==Patches and hotfixes==
==Patches and hotfixes==

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For his appearence in the Argent Tournament Grounds, see The Black Knight.

The Black Knight is the final boss of the Trial of the Champion in the Crusaders' Coliseum.

He is encountered by all players, after they have defeated three grand champions of the opposite faction, and Argent Confessor Paletress or Eadric the Pure.


Phase 1 & 2
  • Spell deathknight empowerruneblade  [Plague Strike]—A vicious strike that deals weapon damage and plagues the target with Blood Plague, dealing Shadow damage over time.
  • Spell deathknight bloodplague  [Blood Plague]—Deals 1,755 to 1,845 (Heroic: 3,510 to 3,690) Shadow damage every 2 seconds. Disease
  • Spell deathknight icetouch  [Icy Touch]—Inflicts 2,925 to 3,075 (Heroic: 4,875 to 5,125) Frost damage and causes Frost Fever.
  • Spell deathknight frostfever  [Frost Fever]—A disease dealing 1,950 to 2,050 Frost damage every 3 seconds and reducing the target's melee and ranged attack speed by 25% for 15 seconds. Disease
  • Spell deathknight classicon  [Obliterate]—A brutal instant attack that deals 125% weapon damage plus 720 (Heroic: 1500), total damage increased 30% per each of your diseases on the target, removing the diseases on the target.
Phase 1 only
  • Spell deathknight strangulate  [Death's Respite] 50 yd range—Death's Respite stuns the target for 2 seconds, inflicts 8,288 to 8,712 (Heroic: 13,163 to 13,837) Shadow damage and knocks the target back. 1.81 sec cat
  • Spell shadow animatedead  [Raise Dead]—Raises a Ghoul to fight by your side. Raises either Arelas Brightstar or Jaeren Sunsworn, killed at the beginning of the fight
  • Ability creature disease 02  [Ghoul Explode]—The Black Knight forces a Ghoul minion to explode! 5 sec channel
Phase 2 only
  • Spell deathknight armyofthedead  [Army of the Dead]—Summons an entire legion of Ghouls to fight for the Death Knight. Used at the beginning of Phase 2. Summons a number of Risen Champions.
  • Ability creature disease 02  [Ghoul Explode] 50 yd range—The Black Knight forces a Ghoul minion to explode! 0.903 sec cast
  • Spell shadow shadowfiend  [Desecration] 50 yd range—Causes desecrated ground at a targets location. Targets in the area are slowed by 50% by the grasping arms of the dead while standing on the unholy ground. Lasts 2 sec. Inflicts 1,170 to 1,230 (Heroic: 1,950 to 2,050) Shadow damage every 2 seconds.
Phase 3
  • Spell shadow blackplague  [Death's Bite]—Inflicts 1950 to 2050 Shadowfrost damage to all enemies and increases magic damage taken by 5% for 15 sec. Stacking
  • Ability hunter mastermarksman  [Marked For Death]—The Black Knight has marked you for death, increasing magic damage taken by 200% for 10 seconds.


The Black Knight Bone

The Black Knight in Skeleton form.

The Black Knight Ghost

The Black Knight as a ghost.

Each phase is about killing The Black Knight once:

Phase 1: Corporeal form

The Black Knight will end his introduction and engage in combat. The Tank should immidiatly start building threat while melee and ranged begin their dps. A few seconds after the Black knight begins his attack an add will spawn that should quickly be picked up by the tank. His ghoul delivers a nasty charge that send the targetted team member flying back. Once the add is dead DPS can resume on the Black Knight. The ghoul add can also be kept completely out of the fight by a priest with Shackle Undead. Once the Black Knight dies in phase 1, the ghoul will explode on it's own.

Phase 2: Skeleton form

The raid should group up on the corpse of the Black Knight before he spawns into his second form. Upon respawning he will cast an "Army of the Dead" spell. The risen ghouls Have very low HP and if killed fast enough, their explosive aoe spell can be bypassed.

In a very AOE heavy group this can be achieved simply by AOEing in a tight group, this will ensure that all the adds are evenly AOED and die at relativly the same time.

An alternate strategy for these adds is a quick focus fire order in which a DPS member can be focused to burn down each add down fast enough to avoid any explosion damage.

In either of these stratagies The Tank must make sure to give off as much initial threat pull as possible without damaging them to the point where their aoe explode spell channel.

After the ghouls are dead, finish off the flesh wounded Black Knight. Dont bother Desecration since it does negligible damage.

If you have a death knight in your group, it is HIGHLY recommended that you have them cast Army of the Dead during phase 2. This makes this phase very easy.

Phase 3: Ghost form

Keep an eye on the player who receives the Marked For Death debuff since he gets definitely the most damage. No adds in this Phase, simply finish off The Black Knight.

If there is a paladin in your party, it is very helpful to use Shadow Resistance Aura for the entire fight, especially in the third phase, due to the stacking of Death's Bite.

If there is a priest in your party, phase 3 healing is trivialized by the use of Divine Hymn followed with spamming of Prayer of Healing.



Highlord Tirion Fordring yells: Well done. You have proven yourself today-
Jaeren Sunsworn/Arelas Brightstar says: What's that, up near the rafters?
The Black Knight says: You spoiled my grand entrance, rat.
The Black Knight casts Death's Respite on the herald, killing him.
Highlord Tirion Fordring yells: What is the meaning of this?
The Black Knight says: Did you honestly think that an agent of the Lich King would be bested on the field of your pathetic little tournament?
The Black Knight says: I've come to finish my task.


  • The Black Knight yells: This farce ends here!
  • King Varian Wrynn yells: Don't just stand there; kill him!

Phase 2:

  • My rotting flesh was just getting in the way!

Phase 3:

  • I have no need for bones to best you!

Killing a player:

  • A waste of flesh.
  • Pathetic.


  • No! I must not fail... again...


Highlord Tirion Fordring yells: My congratulations, champions. Through trials both planned and unexpected, you have triumphed.
Highlord Tirion Fordring yells: Go now and rest; you've earned it.
King Varian Wrynn yells: You fought well.


Normal Mode
Inv belt 28
Inv belt 23
Inv belt 50
Inv helmet 134
Inv pants plate 24
Inv gauntlets 61
Inv shoulder 31
Inv shoulder 105
Inv jewelry ring 79
Inv misc cape 20
Inv misc gem bloodstone 02
Inv misc gem bloodstone 03

Heroic Mode
Inv weapon rifle 34
Inv jewelry necklace 31
Inv jewelry necklace 29
Inv weapon shortblade 96
Inv gauntlets 73
Inv gauntlets 77a
Inv bracer 07
Inv helmet 141
Inv helmet 133
Inv chest cloth 68
Inv boots cloth 22
Inv belt 49
Spell holy summonchampion
Ability paladin artofwar
Spell frost frozencore2020


Normal PTR encounter

Patches and hotfixes

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