Princess Tess Greymane is a member of the Royal Family of Gilneas, as the daughter of King Genn Greymane. Her life was saved by a potion made by Krennan Aranas; if not for him, she would have died soon after she was born.[1]

She is encountered by worgen players at Greymane Manor[28.2, 50]
in Gilneas. Though she is not seen again, her father does save her and her mother from Gilneas during the Cataclysm[2].


Curse of the Worgen

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After the Shattering destroyed the town of Duskhaven, Tess ventured up to her father's observatory with a single Peacebloom flower. She reminded Genn how when she was a little girl, he told her to find one beautiful thing a day as it would make the hard times easier. Even among the ruined Gilneas, she was able to find an unharmed peacebloom, and it gave her hope.


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After her brother Liam was killed by the Banshee Queen Sylvanas Windrunner during the battle for Gilneas City, Tess is now the heir to the throne of the Royal Family of Gilneas. She left Gilneas alongside her mother during the evacuation.

Lord of His Pack

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During the venture to Darnassus, Tess and her mother were aboard the Elune's Radiance while her father was on another ship. The ship was suddenly hit by a powerful storm generated by the Cataclysm, and the Elune's Radiance started to sink. Having a leg broken during the storm, Mia could not move and Tess remained with her refusing to leave, so they both risked to drown. Genn, refusing to lose the last two members of his family, assumed the worgen form and joined the rescue efforts of the night elf sailors from his ship. After the storm, both the women reached Teldrassil safe.[3]


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During the time when the Burning Legion returned and launched its third invasion on the world of Azeroth, Tess became a member of the Uncrowned and wanted to become a Rogue fighter. She was present in Stormwind Keep where she confided to an adventurer since she felt concerned of her father's lust for vengeance ever since the Forsaken stole Gilneas and murdering Liam in front of his eyes. Despite what the Forsaken and the Horde had done for taking Gilneas, Tess still held her ties to the Alliance and traveled to Dalaran and was stationed in the secret Hall of Shadows with a number of Rogues from all parts.


  • Tess Greymane in the comic Curse of the Worgen.
  • Tess inside Greymane Manor during the effects of the cataclysm

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