Terrordale[14, 27]
, nestled in the northwest corner of Eastern Plaguelands, is now a ghost town due to being one of the first human settlements overrun by the Scourge. It lies west of Plaguewood and Stratholme, near the entrance to a tunnel that leads to the banks of the Thondroril River.

Much like the town of Darkshire having once been called Grand Hamlet, Terrordale likely had a much less morbid name before the invasion of the Scourge. The game and its associated lore gives no clues as to the haunted town's previous name, however a likely candidate for the name is Cinderhome. Also, because of it's location in the Plaguelands, and the presence of Northdale, which is to the North, it may also have been called Westdale.

No facilities in Terrordale remain for players to use, aside from one delusional fungi merchant, but there are a few quests to be obtained or carried out here.

This area is of particular interest to those that are collecting Crypt Fiend Parts, as Crypt Fiends are very common in Terrordale and its nearby cave, Terrorweb Tunnel. Wandering the withered grounds of this area is also the neutral level 60 Plagued Swine, considered a very good choice as a pet for Hunters.

One visiting Terrordale must be careful, as there have been sightings of a Nerubian Overseer that walks back and forth through the west end of Terror Web Tunnel to an unspecified location in the town itself, seeking a victim to sink its venom-coated fangs into.


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