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  • Tenacity
  • Being outnumbered has increased your tenacity, improving your health, healing and health regen by 18% and increasing your damage dealt by 14%

This buff is applied to the side that has the fewest members in Wintergrasp during a wintergrasp PvP battle. It is applied with varying levels of stacking, with an apparent maximum of 20 stacks.

Characters, per stack
  • health (HP) increased by 18%
  • health regen increased by 18%
  • amount of healing received increased by 18%
  • amount of damage dealt increased by 14%
Tenacity is only granted to characters of level 70 or greater.
Vehicles, per stack
  • health (HP) increased by 18%

Theories on stacking

The algorithm for how many stacks to apply is unknown, although a previous hotfix[1] has indicated that only characters level 70 and higher are counted.

There are proponents both for linear stacking (stacks = C * (x-y), for some value C) and exponential stacking (stacks = 10x/y). More research is needed.


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