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* Mini Bosses: [[Jammal'an the Prophet]], [[Atal'alarion]], [[Dreamscythe]], [[Weaver]], [[Morphaz]], [[Hazzas]] and [[Ogom the Wretched]].
* Mini Bosses: [[Jammal'an the Prophet]], [[Atal'alarion]], [[Dreamscythe]], [[Weaver]], [[Morphaz]], [[Hazzas]] and [[Ogom the Wretched]].
'''[[Jammal'an the Prophet]]'''
* {{Loot|Rare|Gloves of the Atal'ai Prophet}}
* {{Loot|Rare|Vestments of the Atal'ai Prophet}}
* {{Loot|Rare|Kilt of the Atal'ai Prophet}}
{{Lootbox|[[Jammal'an the Prophet]] Loot
|Gloves of the Atal'ai Prophet
* {{Loot|Rare|Atal'alarion's Tusk Ring}}
|Vestments of the Atal'ai Prophet
* {{Loot|Rare|Headspike}}
|Kilt of the Atal'ai Prophet}}
*{{Loot|Rare|Darkwater Bracers}}
{{Lootbox|[[Atal'alarion]] Loot
'''[[Avatar of Hakkar]]'''
|Atal'alarion's Tusk Ring
* {{Loot|Epic|Embrace of the Wind Serpent}}
* {{Loot|Rare|Windscale Sarong}}
|Darkwater Bracers}}
* {{Loot|Rare|Bloodshot Greaves}}
* {{Loot|Rare|Featherskin Cape}}
* {{Loot|Rare|Warrior's Embrace}}
* {{Loot|Rare|Might of Hakkar}}
* {{Loot|Rare|Spire of Hakkar}}
'''[[Shade of Eranikus]]'''
{{Lootbox|[[Avatar of Hakkar]] Loot
|Embrace of the Wind Serpent
* {{Loot|Epic|Dragon's Call}}
|Windscale Sarong
* {{Loot|Rare|Dragon's Eye}}
|Bloodshot Greaves
* {{Loot|Rare|Horns of Eranikus}}
|Featherskin Cape
* {{Loot|Rare|Rod of Corrosion}}
|Warrior's Embrace
* {{Loot|Rare|Crest of Supremacy}}
|Might of Hakkar
* {{Loot|Rare|Tooth of Eranikus}}
|Spire of Hakkar}}
* {{Loot|Rare|Dire Nail}}
{{Lootbox|[[Shade of Eranikus]] Loot
'''[[Dreamscythe]], [[Weaver]], [[Morphaz]] and [[Hazzas]]'''
|Dragon's Call
* {{Loot|Rare|Nightfall Drape}}
|Dragon's Eye
* {{Loot|Rare|Drakefang Butcher}}
|Horns of Eranikus
* {{Loot|Rare|Firebreather}}
|Rod of Corrosion
* {{Loot|Rare|Bloodfire Talons}}
|Crest of Supremacy
* {{Loot|Rare|Dawnspire Cord}}
|Tooth of Eranikus
* {{Loot|Rare|Smoldering Claw}}
|Dire Nail}}
* {{Loot|Rare|Drakestone}}
* {{Loot|Rare|Drakeclaw Band}}
'''[[Zolo]], [[Zul'Lor]], [[Hukku]], [[Gasher]], [[Loro]] and [[Mijan]]'''
{{Lootbox|[[Dreamscythe]], [[Weaver]], [[Morphaz]] and [[Hazzas]] Loot
|Nightfall Drape
* {{Loot|Rare|Atal'ai Breastplate}}
|Drakefang Butcher
* {{Loot|Rare|Atal'ai Gloves}}
* {{Loot|Rare|Atal'ai Spaulders}}
|Bloodfire Talons
* {{Loot|Rare|Atal'ai Boots}}
|Dawnspire Cord
* {{Loot|Rare|Atal'ai Girdle}}
|Smoldering Claw
* {{Loot|Rare|Atal'ai Leggings}}
|Drakeclaw Band}}
{{Lootbox|[[Zolo]], [[Zul'Lor]], [[Hukku]], [[Gasher]], [[Loro]] and [[Mijan]] Loot
'''[[Murk Worm]]'''
|Atal'ai Breastplate
* {{Loot|Rare|Pattern: Green Dragonscale Leggings}}
|Atal'ai Gloves
|Atal'ai Spaulders
|Atal'ai Boots
|Atal'ai Girdle
|Atal'ai Leggings}}
{{Lootbox|[[Murk Worm]] Loot
'''[[Spawn of Hakkar]]'''
|Pattern: Green Dragonscale Leggings}}
* {{Loot|Rare|Slitherscale Boots}}
* {{Loot|Rare|Wingveil Cloak}}
{{Lootbox|[[Spawn of Hakkar]] Loot
|Slitherscale Boots
|Wingveil Cloak}}
== Temple of Atal'Hakkar Zone Drops ==
== Temple of Atal'Hakkar Zone Drops ==

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Jammal'an the Prophet
 Ogom the Wretched opt
Avatar of Hakkar
 Dreamscythe opt
 Weaver opt
 Morphaz opt
 Hazzas opt
Shade of Eranikus


The Temple of Atal'Hakkar (also known as the Sunken Temple and more rarely, the Lost Temple) is a shrine erected by the Atal'ai trolls, led by their master Jammal'an the Prophet to the nefarious Blood God - Hakkar the Soulflayer. Believing that this was the intended site for Hakkar's reentry into Azeroth, the great dragon Aspect Ysera and her Green Dragonflight sunk the temple into the depths of the Swamp of Sorrows...but the dragons did not realize that it was the wrong location until it was too late.

Many of the bosses in the instance have some kind of prerequisite in order to encounter them. Atal'alarion will appear after activation of statues, Jammal'an the Prophet can only be reached by killing the 6 troll mini-bosses, Avatar of Hakkar must be summonned and the Shade of Eranikus will only be killable after the death of the Prophet.

The Temple may be entered by level 35 and the Meeting Stone is operational from level 45-??.


From World Dungeons on the old WoW site:

Over a thousand years ago, the powerful Gurubashi Empire was torn apart by a massive civil war. An influential group of troll priests, known as the Atal'ai, attempted to bring back an ancient blood god named Hakkar the Soulflayer. Though the priests were defeated and ultimately exiled, the great troll empire buckled in upon itself. The exiled priests fled far to the north, into the Swamp of Sorrows. There they erected a great temple to Hakkar - where they could prepare for his arrival into the physical world. The great dragon Aspect, Ysera, learned of the Atal'ai's plans and smashed the temple beneath the marshes. To this day, the temple's drowned ruins are guarded by the green dragons who prevent anyone from getting in or out. However, it is believed that some of the fanatical Atal'ai may have survived Ysera's wrath - and recommitted themselves to the dark service of Hakkar.




Temple of Atal'Hakkar


The Broken HallThe ButcheryChamber of BloodChamber of the Dreamer
Den of the CallerHall of BonesHall of MasksHall of Ritual
Hall of SerpentsHall of the CursedLair of the ChosenThe Pit of Refuse
The Pit of SacrificeSanctum of the Fallen God


The Hinterlands

From Atal'ai Exile:


From Brohann Caskbelly:

Swamp of Sorrows


From Yeh'kinya:


From Alliance 15Angelas Moonbreeze at Feathermoon Stronghold or Horde 15Witch Doctor Uzer'i at Camp Mojache:

Un'Goro Crater

Temple of Atal'Hakkar

Quest Log

  • Class
    • [52] Class Quest (Dungeon)
  • Sunken Temple
    • [50] Into the Temple of Atal'Hakkar (Dungeon)
    • [51] Into the Depths (Complete)
    • [51] Secret of the Circle (Dungeon)
    • [53] Jammal'an the Prophet (Dungeon)
    • [53] The God Hakkar (Dungeon)
  • Un'Goro Crater
    • [52] Haze of Evil (Dungeon)

Class Quests

All classes will have a class-specific quest chain that will lead them into the Temple of Atal'Hakkar. Each quest chain ends with a choice of 3 rare items. For an analysis of the item choices, see: Sunken Temple Rewards (work still in progress).

Druid Quest

Hunter Quest

from Olmin Burningbeard in Ironforge or Ormak Grimshot in Orgrimmar

Shaman Quest

Paladin Quest

Priest Quest

Rogue Quest

Mage Quest

Note: You get this quest (the first one) from Mage trainers in any major city

Warrior Quest

Warlock Quest


Group info

A good group to have for this instance would consist of a tank, a healer, preferably a Mage for AoE, and two damage dealers. AoE's are very helpful, as there are many packs with non-elites. The instance offers a lot of opportunity for crowd control, and magic dispels make it a lot easier, as there a various negative effects (Fear and Sleep being the most dangerous). One of the two damage dealers should be able to tank, or have a pet that can tank, for the Shade of Eranikus fight.

Each of the classes bring something useful to this instance, and as much depends on player skill and character levels as does group composition. That said, it's very nice to have reliable Crowd Control from a Mage, good healing from a suitably geared and/or spec'd Paladin, Priest, Druid or possibly Shaman, as well as some form of Out of Combat Resurrection and Wipe Recovery from a Paladin, Priest or Shaman unless the group is overpowered for the instance, very competent or just plain ready to do a corpse run or two.


Sunken Temple guide on Allakhazam



Dungeon Denizens

"Phat Loot" NPCs


Temple of Atal'Hakkar bosses

Update for Patch v2.3.

Jammal'an the Prophet Loot
Inv gauntlets 17
Inv chest cloth 38
Inv pants 11

Atal'alarion Loot
Inv belt 15
Inv spear 06
Inv bracer 08

Avatar of Hakkar Loot
Inv chest cloth 42
Inv pants 14
Inv boots 01
Inv misc cape 05
Inv chest plate08
Inv mace 11
Inv staff 32

Shade of Eranikus Loot
Inv sword 38
Inv jewelcrafting dragonseye012020
Inv helmet 25
Inv wand 04
Inv shield 04
Inv axe 07
Inv weapon shortblade 16

Dreamscythe, Weaver, Morphaz and Hazzas Loot
Inv misc cape 05
Inv sword 19
Inv sword 09
Inv gauntlets 19
Inv belt 11
Inv weapon halberd 04
Inv misc orb 03
  • Drakestone
  • Item Level 54
    Disenchants into:
    [Small Brilliant Shard]: 1
  • Binds when picked up
  • Held In Off-hand
    "Held In Off-hand" is not in the list of possible values (Back, Chest, Feet, Finger, Hands, Head, Held in off-hand, Legs, Main Hand, Neck, Off Hand, One-Hand, Projectile, Ranged, Relic, Shirt, Shoulder, Tabard, Thrown, Trinket, Two-Hand, Waist, Wrist, Two-Handed) for this property.
  • <Random Enchantment>
  • Requires level 49
  • Equip: Increases spell power by 7.
  • Sell Price: 89Silver 82Copper
Inv jewelry ring 04

Zolo, Zul'Lor, Hukku, Gasher, Loro and Mijan Loot
Inv chest chain 05
Inv bracer 18
Inv shoulder 18
Inv boots 01
Inv belt 15
Inv pants 07

Murk Worm Loot
Inv scroll 03

Spawn of Hakkar Loot
Inv boots 07
Inv misc cape 02

Temple of Atal'Hakkar Zone Drops

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