Use this at the top of all global WoW API pages. This template mostly just floats {{apinav}} table to the right and adds categories. Any pages with this template will be added to Category:World of Warcraft API or Category:World of Warcraft API/sub-page. See World of Warcraft API. See also Template:Widget, Template:Framexml.

{{wowapi}} or {{wowapi|context}} or {{wowapi|t=type}}
  • 1 - API context type, like 'Glue'. Default is regular game play UI context. Affects wiki categories and page parent folder. Used by 'Glue' environment API.
  • t - [member, method, type] - identifier type for page, like if page subject is an general topic, object, method, or regular member or type.
  • toc - [0,1] - Force TOC enabled or disabled. Default depends on type.
  • {{wowapi|Glue}} - 'World of Warcraft API/Glue', 'Category:World of Warcraft API/Glue'.
  • {{wowapi|t=method}} - 'API AuctionFrameAuction duration' displays link as 'AuctionFrameAuction:duration'.
  • {{wowapi|t=member}} - 'API AuctionFrameAuction duration' displays link as 'AuctionFrameAuction.duration'.

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