Adds 'tabs' to wiki pages to support wiki sub-page like constructs. Use instead of <tabber> tags, which are unconfigurable, unsearchable, and unstable when used with several of the Wikia extensions, and overcomes various client performance issues. See Help:Tabber for more help. See also MediaWiki:Tabber.

style= additional css to use for each tabs container
tight= [0,1] for fitting in tight spaces, or with content that is already 'fitted' and does not need padding.
clear= [none,left,right,both] automatically clear after tabs, default is 'both'.
disable= [0,1] disables to see what looks like un-tabbed. all 'Tabber' on a page must be disabled.

To convert a Tabber extension block to a Tabber template block, simply replace all of the '=' and '|-|', with only '|', and the '<tabber>' with '{{Tabber' and '</tabber>' with '}}'. Can also remove any {{clr}} at the bottom which wouldno longer be necessary. Important: For blocks that contain 'loose' '|', like tables, wrap the contents with single <choose><option>table</option></choose> tag. Most other uses of '|' in wiki text are naturally 'scoped', and do not have this problem.

|Beast Mastery|Yea! Beast Mastery!!!!
|Marksmanship|Yea! Marksmanship!!!!
|Survival|Yea! Survival!!!!
Yea! Beast Mastery!!!!
Yea! Marksmanship!!!!
Yea! Survival!!!!

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