Use {{tabard|<tabard name>|<small, medium or large}}
Small is 22x22px, medium is 48x48px and large is 124x124px.

{{Tabard|Private}} {{Tabard|Scout}} {{Tabard|Knight}}

Private&#039;s Tabard

Scout&#039;s Tabard

Knight&#039;s Colors

{{Tabard|Stone Guard}} {{Tabard|Stormpike}} {{Tabard|Frostwolf}}

Stone Guard&#039;s Herald

Stormpike Tabard

Frostwolf Tabard

{{Tabard|Arathor}} {{Tabard|Defilers}} {{Tabard|Silverwing}}

League of Arathor Tabard

Defilers Tabard

Silverwing Tabard

{{Tabard|Warsong}} {{Tabard|Contest}} {{Tabard|Flame}}

Warsong Tabard

Contest Winner&#039;s Tabard

Tabard of Flame

{{Tabard|Frost}} {{Tabard|Argent}} {{Tabard|Scarlet}}

Tabard of Frost


Scarlet Tabard

{{Tabard|Blood Knight}} {{Tabard|Argus}} {{Tabard|Honor Hold}}

Blood Knight Tabard

Hand of Argus Tabard

Honor Hold Tabard

{{Tabard|Kurenai}} {{Tabard|Mag'har}} {{Tabard|Lower City}}

Kurenai Tabard

Mag&#039;har Tabard

Lower City Tabard

{{Tabard|Aldor}} {{Tabard|Scryers}} {{Tabard|Sha'tar}}

Aldor Tabard

Scryers Tabard

Sha&#039;tar Tabard

{{Tabard|Consortium}} {{Tabard|Ogri'la}} {{Tabard|Illidari-G}}

Consortium Tabard

Ogri&#039;la Tabard

Green Trophy Tabard of the Illidari

{{Tabard|Illidari-P}} {{Tabard|Skyguard}} {{Tabard|Dalaran}}

Purple Trophy Tabard of the Illidari

Skyguard Tabard

Dalaran Tabard

{{Tabard|Hillsbrad}} {{Tabard|Kul Tiras}} {{Tabard|Scarlet High}}

Hillsbrad Tabard


Scarlet High Tabard

{{Tabard|Stormwind2}} {{Tabard|Stromgarde}} {{Tabard|Theramore}}

Stormwind White

Stromgarde Tabard

Theramore Tabard

{{Tabard|Darkmoon}} {{Tabard|Keepers of Time}} {{Tabard|B.O.O.M.}}

Darmoon Symbol

Keepers of Time Tabard

B.O.O.M. Tabard

{{Tabard|Crimson}} {{Tabard|Stormwind}} {{Tabard|Shattered Sun Offensive}}

Crimson Legion

Stormwind Tabard

Shattered Sun Tabard

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