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Current stubs in use at WoWWiki:     [edit]

WoW Gameplay
{{Stub/Ability}} - Any article about a class ability, spell, enchants, or anything that the user triggers with a button. Not to be confused with talents. Also includes NPC or mob powers.
{{Stub/Achievement}} - Any article about an Wrath-Logo-Small achievement.
{{Stub/Item}} - Any page about an item.
{{Stub/Location}} - Any location in the Warcraft universe - dungeons, instances, cities, zones, continents, etc.
{{Stub/Mission}} - Pages about specific Warlords-Logo-Small missions.
{{Stub/Mob}} - NON-interactive, non-player characters or monsters (mobs).
{{Stub/NPC}} - Interactive non-player characters (NPCs).
{{Stub/Object}} - Any page about an object.
{{Stub/Pet}} - Any page about a Mists-Logo-Small battle pet, non-combat companions, or player controlled pets.
{{Stub/Profession}} - A profession article that isn't an item or a recipe, such as a transmute or an enchant.
{{Stub/Quest}} - Pages about specific quests.
{{Stub/Strategy}} - A strategy or tactics stub for mobs, like instance bosses. Needed when there is a lack of strategies on a boss page.
{{Stub/Talent}} - Any article about a class talent. Not to be confused with abilities.
{{Stub/Tech}} - Article stubs related to game mechanics.
WoW Patches
{{Stub/PTR|<x.y.z>}} - Article stubs related to content currently on the PTR.
  • As new patches are released, the text for this changes to "this is a patched article"
{{Stub/PTR-section|<x.y.z>}} - Article stubs related to content currently on the PTR. (Smaller version)
Stub/Updated - See {{Stub/PTR}})
WoW Community (policy related - WW:FANFIC)
{{Stub/Guild}} - Pages describing player guilds, role playing or otherwise.
{{Stub/Player}} - Pages describing non-in-game player info.
{{Stub/PC}} - Pages describing player characters, role playing or otherwise.
{{Stub/RP}} - Pages related to roleplaying.
Warcraft Universe
{{Stub/Char}} - Pages describing any characters not in the game but in the lore (books or web) or in previous Warcraft games.
{{Stub/Lore}} - Articles dealing with official World of Warcraft lore.
{{Stub/AddOn}} - An AddOn stub.
{{Stub/API}} - A World of Warcraft API stub.
{{Stub/UI}} - Other UI-related stubs.
Stub/Accuracy - See {{Accuracy}} and/or {{Stub/Other}}
{{Stub/Category}} - For categories that need more pages using it or need some description.
{{Stub/Other}} - Anything that doesn't fit in the above categories.
{{Sectionstub}} - A stub for sections on a page.

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