User Sig

A Basic signature template for users that includes talk and contributions links, with the option of an icon, website link and custom styling.
Sadly, media wiki forces {{subst}} on templates used in signatures, so this not only takes up more room than usual with variable names, but also contains half the template which would otherwise vanish normally due to conditionals. Blame the stupid wiki software and hope the situation changes.. :/ Until such a time, if you prefer, copy the template to your own userpage, or use it directly in your signature instead.
Please refrain from using dotted bottom borders in your styling. This is used to distinguish admin signatures.
{{Sig|<name=> |<nick=> |<title=> |<web=> |<icon=> |<style=> |<ustyle=> |<tstyle=> |<cstyle=> |<wstyle=> |<name> |<nick> |<title> |<web> |<icon> |<style>}}
Named parameters can be in any order and any or all parameters can be left out.
Unamed parameters must be in order.
|Test User
|This user is just an example
|color: red;
 Test User Icon-information-22x22 (talk - contr - web)
 [[User:|]] ([[User talk:|talk]] - contr)
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