• {{ShipIcon|<Ship_type>|<Link>|<large=>|<imgoptions=left/right/thumb>}}
    • For 1 = Ship type (case insensitive; some are faction specific, so you can use alliance destroyer or horde destroyer)
    • Carriers and transports are not faction specific
    • Optional Use 2 = Link to override default link
    • Optional Use large= to show 64px icon (no value needed)
    • Optional Use imgoptions = to add image options like left/right/thumb, etc.

Small icon default view of template; links to the selected garrison ship (case insensitive):

  • {{ShipIcon|carrier}}Inv garrison carrier
  • {{ShipIcon|battleship}}Inv garrison alliancedestroyer
    • {{ShipIcon|alliance battleship}}Inv garrison alliancedestroyer
    • {{ShipIcon|horde battleship}}Inv garrison hordecargo
  • {{ShipIcon|Destroyer}}Inv garrison alliancecargo
    • {{ShipIcon|alliance destroyer}}Inv garrison alliancecargo
    • {{ShipIcon|horde destroyer}}Inv garrison hordedestroyer
  • {{ShipIcon|submarine}}Inv garrison alliancesub
    • {{ShipIcon|alliance submarine}}Inv garrison alliancesub
    • {{ShipIcon|horde submarine}}Inv garrison hordesub
  • {{ShipIcon|transport}}Inv garrison cargoship
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