This template concatenates a quest chain's name, the phrase "quest chain", and a modifier phrase, if used, and returns a link with the display text of Chain name followed by quest chain as it's own link.

Most quest chain articles on WoWWiki use a basic naming structure of "Chain name quest chain". A small selection of chains are faction- or race-specific, and currently use the structure of "Chain name quest chain Modifier".

The format for this template is:
{{Questchain|<Chain Name>|<Modifier>|<Flag>|Link=<Link>|Display=<Display>}}

Flag should only be used to suppress the display of the link Quest chain.


If "Chain name quest chain" (or "Chain name quest chain Modifier") is not the intended link, the Link= tag can be used. It should be otherwise removed.
If Chain name is not the intended display text, the Display= tag can be used. It should be otherwise removed.
There is no foreseeable reason why either of these fields will be needed, but they have been included in the event that they are.


No modifier

{{Questchain|The Legend of Stalvan}}

With Flag
{{Questchain|The Legend of Stalvan| |*}}

Alternate Link
{{Questchain|The Legend of Stalvan|Link=Duskwood}}

Alternate Display
{{Questchain|The Legend of Stalvan|Display=Click here}}

Alternate Link & Display
{{Questchain|The Legend of Stalvan|Link=Duskwood|Display=Click here}}

With modifier

{{Questchain|Morbent Fel|(Old)}}

With Flag
{{Questchain|Morbent Fel|(Old)|*}}

Alternate Link
{{Questchain|Morbent Fel|(Old)|Link=Darkshire}}

Alternate Display
{{Questchain|Morbent Fel|(Old)|Display=Click me}}

Alternate Link & Display
{{Questchain|Morbent Fel|(Old)|Link=Darkshire|Display=Click me}}

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