This template creates a line in a quest table with the following unnamed parameters:


IDThis is an internal value used by the game client, addons, and sites such as Wowhead.
This field is not used by this template.
FactionUse A for Alliance 15 Alliance, H for Horde 15 Horde, or N for Neutral 15 Neutral. Any other value, or if left blank, will return Neutral 15.
LevelThe level the game says the quest is, not the level it can first be obtained.
NameThe name of the *page* on this wiki that this quest is explained on, without links. For most quests this is the same as the in-game name.
LocationThe zone or subzone that the quest is obtained in, without links. The link generated will use the {{Z}} template, linking to the "Quests in" section of the specified location.
GiverWho/what gives the quest, without links.
PrerequisitesLinks may be used here.
ObsoleteAny value in this field will cause the entire row to be formatted with a strikeout. It should be used for quests that have been removed from the game.
This field is not used by this template.

To use the template, copy the following code and replace the placeholders with the appropriate information:


How does {{QID}} differ from {{QTable}}?

While both templates use the same format, QID produces a table with the ID visible, links to zones only, and marks out obsolete quests. This is meant to be used as a database template, not on most WoWWiki pages. QTable hides the ID, links to zones or subzones (whichever is entered), and does not mark out obsolete quests. This can be used on zone/subzone pages. The only difference in how they are entered is in the template name. This allows the display format to be switched with just one change.


{{QTable|225|A|35|The Weathered Grave (Old)|The Hushed Bank|A Weathered Grave||y}} returns the row

Lvl Quest Zone Quest Giver Prerequisite/Note
Alliance 15 35 The Weathered Grave The Hushed Bank A Weathered Grave
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