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This template is a simple shortcut for displaying the 15 profession skill icons and (optionally) a link to the relevant article or some other formatted text.

{{Profession|<profession>|<Formatted text or options>}}
Regular examples
{{profession|<Archaeology>}}IconSmall Archaeology [Archaeology]
{{profession|<First Aid>}}IconSmall First Aid [First Aid]
Notext examples
IconSmall Alchemy IconSmall Archaeology IconSmall Blacksmithing IconSmall Cooking IconSmall Enchanting IconSmall Engineering IconSmall First Aid IconSmall Fishing IconSmall Herbalism IconSmall Inscription IconSmall Jewelcrafting IconSmall Leatherworking IconSmall Mining IconSmall Skinning IconSmall Tailoring
Alternate text examples
{{profession|<Mine>|[[Miner|Miners]]}}IconSmall Mining Miners
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