Small Icon only template; links to the selected profession/skill:

  • {{ProfIcon|Archaeology}}APB Skill Archaeology
  • {{ProfIcon|Alchemy}}APB Skill Alchemy
  • {{ProfIcon|Blacksmithing}}APB Skill Blacksmithing
  • {{ProfIcon|Cooking}}APB Skill Cooking
  • {{ProfIcon|Enchanting}}APB Skill Enchanting
  • {{ProfIcon|Engineering}}APB Skill Engineering
  • {{ProfIcon|First Aid}}APB Skill First Aid
  • {{ProfIcon|Fishing}}APB Skill Fishing
  • {{ProfIcon|Herbalism}}APB Skill Herbalism
  • {{ProfIcon|Inscription}}APB Skill Inscription
  • {{ProfIcon|Jewelcrafting}}APB Skill Jewelcrafting
  • {{ProfIcon|Leatherworking}}APB Skill Leatherworking
  • {{ProfIcon|Mining}}APB Skill Mining
  • {{ProfIcon|Pet Battles}}Pet battle green paw 21x21
  • {{ProfIcon|Riding}}APB Skill Riding
  • {{ProfIcon|Skinning}}APB Skill Skinning
  • {{ProfIcon|Tailoring}}APB Skill Tailoring
  • IconSmall Rogue Rogue {{ProfIcon|Lockpicking}}APB Skill Lockpicking
  • IconSmall Deathknight Death Knight {{ProfIcon|Runeforging}}APB Skill Runeforging
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APB Skill Alchemy

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