Standard table wrapper embedding of a video, image, or other media, including YouTube videos using ids, on a wiki page. Standard aliases: {{Youtube}}, {{Embed}}.

Note: For old YouTube 'id' based embeds, these kinds of tags and mechanisms aren't easily searchable or maintainable. Use File:xxx style embeds with this template, plain wiki text, or inside <gallery> tags instead. See WoWWiki:Manual of Style.

1= A normal link, a file name including namespace, or the YouTube video 'id'.
2= (Optional) title of the video. Displays a 'darktable' frame and title header.
3= width= (Optional) Youtube 'id' based is default '430px'. Default for wiki file based is same as wiki default.
align= (Optional) Emulates or sets normal [[Image: align rules. Default is 'left'.
border= (Optional) Add border by enabling 'darktable' as default class. Default is currently '1'.

See Template:Media embed/doc for more instructions and examples.

{{Embed|File:WarlordsofDraenorLogo Shadow.png|Warlords|}}{{clr}}
{{Embed|File:World of Warcraft Mists TV Spot 2|TV spot #2|}}{{clr}}
{{Embed|[[File:World of Warcraft Mists TV Spot 1|500px]]|TV spot #1}}{{clr}}
{{Youtube|dPIUlGF579I|Rogue Perspective, Narrated fight}}{{clr}}

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