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  | faction = 
  | name = 
  | image = 
  | membership = 
  | pop = 
  | races = 
  | base = 
  | leader = 
  | leaders = 
  | rewards =
  | currency = 
  | tokens = 
  | quartermaster = 
  | tabard = 
  | status =

Valid Field Entries:

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  • width = optional width (default is 23em).
  • faction = Alliance 15 alliance, Horde 15 horde, Combat 15 combat (or hostile), or Neutral 15 neutral (default: neutral)
  • class = [optional] if associated class, show icon of class after faction
  • name = faction name (default PAGENAME).
  • image = picture of area where the faction is massively represented.
  • caption = [optional] caption to the image.
  • membership = the amount of members, if an organization
  • fmembership = last recorded amount of members (overrides |membership=)
  • pop = or population, the amount of people within the faction
  • lpop = [optional] last known population, if defunct? (overrides |pop=)
  • races = races within the faction. Please use the following separated by line breaks (<br/>):
{{Racelink|Blood Elf|Both|icon=}}IconSmall BloodElf2 FemaleIconSmall BloodElf2 Male Blood elf
{{Racelink|DarkIron|Both|icon=|link=Dark Iron dwarf|label=Dark Iron dwarf}}IconSmall DarkIron FemaleIconSmall DarkIron Male Dark Iron dwarf
{{Racelink|Draenei|Both|icon=}}IconSmall Draenei FemaleIconSmall Draenei Male Draenei
{{Racelink|Dwarf|Both|icon=}}IconSmall Dwarf FemaleIconSmall Dwarf Male Dwarf
{{Racelink|Forsaken|Both|icon=}}IconSmall Undead FemaleIconSmall Undead Male Forsaken
{{Racelink|Gnome|Both|icon=}}IconSmall Gnome FemaleIconSmall Gnome Male Gnome
{{Racelink|Goblin|Both|icon=}}IconSmall Goblin FemaleIconSmall Goblin Male Goblin
{{Racelink|Human|Both|icon=}}IconSmall Human FemaleIconSmall Human Male Human
{{Racelink|Mag'har|Both|icon=}}IconSmall Mag&#039;har FemaleIconSmall Mag&#039;har Male Mag'har
{{Racelink|Night Elf|Both|icon=}}IconSmall NightElf FemaleIconSmall NightElf Male Night elf
{{Racelink|Orc|Both|icon=}}IconSmall Orc FemaleIconSmall Orc Male Orc
{{Racelink|Tauren|Both|icon=}}IconSmall Tauren FemaleIconSmall Tauren Male Tauren
{{Racelink|Troll|Both|icon=}}IconSmall Troll FemaleIconSmall Troll Male Troll
{{Racelink|Worgen|Both|icon=}}IconSmall Worgen FemaleIconSmall Worgen Male Worgen
or other when needed, see {{Racelink}}
  • lraces = [optional]
  • base = sub-zone and zone where faction is most represented
  • leader = [optional] most prominent NPC associated with faction
  • fleader = [optional] former leader
  • leaders = [optional] the other prominant NPC leaders associated with faction
  • capital = [optional] sub-zone and zone where faction is most represented
  • capitals = [optional] other places where faction is represented
  • language = [optional] main language of the faction
  • slang = [optional] secondary languages of the faction
  • character = [optional] character classes within the faction
  • theater = [optional] main zones of operation
  • affiliation = [optional] other groups faction is known to work with
  • alignment = [optional] Where the faction lies between good and evil, right and wrong. Usually from RPG statistics though possibly from a quote in published lore. Must be cited. Avoid in-universe opinions.
  • rewards = [optional] most notable rewards of the faction
  • currency = [optional] currency item used by the faction, if not gold/silver/copper
  • tokens = [optional] items redeemable for faction reputation
  • quartermaster = [optional] vendor(s) that provides faction rewards
  • tabard = [optional] image of the faction's tabard
  • status = [optional] status of the organization
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