faction, title, and display_name are optional.
Additional Note
  • 1 = Faction (AllianceAlliance 15, HordeHorde 15), Both? → Both 15, etc.; blank shows no icon).
  • 2 = Follower quality (uncommon, rare, or epic; default is uncommon).
  • 3 = Follower name.
  • 4 = Shown display name.
  • color = Optional valid CSS/HTML text color.
  • level = Optional should have a number (add + for elite).
  • smallicon = Optional should use icons from WoWWiki:List of race icons without leading Image:.
  • id = Optional Follower id. Shows superscript links to DBs.
    • subdomain = Optional Wowhead subdomain. Used when id = used. Currently supports subdomain=old, subdomain=ptr, or subdomain=wod (for Warlords-Logo-Small Warlords of Draenor before it goes live). Only used for WoWDB (ptr only) and Wowhead (old, ptr, or mop).
{{Follower|Horde|Uncommon|Shadow Hunter Rala|id=180}}
Alliance 15 Fiona
Horde 15 Shadow Hunter Ralaω ϖ
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