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Valid field entries:
1= Achievement ID
- or -
a= Alliance 15 Alliance achievement ID
h= Horde 15 Horde achievement ID
id = Optional Achievement id. Shows superscript links to DBs.
subdomain = Optional WowDB or Wowhead subdomain. Used when id = used.
Currently supports subdomain=beta (for WowDB Warlords-Logo-Small DB, but point to correct Wowhead link also), or subdomain=wod (for Wowhead Warlords-Logo-Small DB, but point to correct WowDB link also). Only used for WoWDB (beta for Warlords-Logo-Small or ptr) and Wowhead (ptr or wod for Warlords-Logo-Small; subdomain=ptr just redirects to www, so isn't needed; old no longer works).

Alliance 15 Alliance Horde 15 Horde


See {{Elinks-achievement/dev}}.
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