Creates an external link to a guild's page with a link to the guild's realm status page.
{{Elink-guild|<guild name>|<realm name>|<region (EU or US)>}}
Parameter notes
  • Region defaults to US.
  • faction = Optional Adds Alliance 15 (if a) or Horde 15 (if h).
  • realmsuffix = Optional Adds -realmsuffix to realm name in guild URL for EU realms only.
{{Elink-guild}} bad, missing guild name and server/realm
{{Elink-guild|MyGuild}} bad, missing server/realm
{{Elink-guild|Valence|Altar of Storms|US|faction=h}}
{{Elink-guild|Raiders Of The Lost Orc|Dragonblight|EU}}
Missing guild and realm/server name
Missing realm/server name
Icon-bnetwoweu-22x22 MyGuild @ MyServer (EU)
Icon-bnetwowus-22x22 MyGuild @ MyServer (US)
Icon-bnetwoweu-22x22 MyGuild @ MyServer (EU)
Icon-bnetwoweu-22x22 Intuition @ Ahn'Qiraj (EU)
Icon-bnetwowus-22x22 Horde 15 Valence @ Altar of Storms (US)
Icon-bnetwoweu-22x22 Raiders Of The Lost Orc @ Dragonblight (EU)
See also
  • {{Elink-PC}} for player character links to
  • {{Guildlink}} for internal guild links


Missing guild and realm/server name

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