Places a standard class icon and link for a particular class on a wiki page.
  • 1 = Class name or abbreviation (only DK and DH).
  • 2 = Optional Label to show for link.
    • label = Optional Alternate usage.
  • link = Optional Override link (be careful, not validated; does NOT override image link).
  • icon= Optional Show icon with link (no value needed; icononly= takes precedence).
  • icononly= Optional Show only icon with no link (no value needed).
  • medium= Optional Show 32px icon (no value needed; works only with icononly=).
  • large= Optional Show 48px icon (no value needed; works only with icononly= and medium= takes precedence).
  • xlarge= Optional Show 64px icon (no value needed; works only with icononly= and xlarge= takes precedence).
  • float = Optional Float the icon (works only with icononly=).
    Valid float values:
    • left - Float left.
    • right - Float right.
    • thumb - Float right with class name caption (only recommended with xlarge=).

Links to the selected class (actual class names can be used, with shortened for DK DH):

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