This template allows for easy creation of a code template, such as the ones used in Questbox or Itembox. There is only one mandatory parameter, with the remaining all being either optional or self-generating.

How to Use BuildaBox

Unlike most templates that populate with information for the end-user to view, this template is meant for other developers to use. By entering your template's fields in this template, you get an template box (like the one below) that is easy to copy and paste into your template for use by general Wiki-goers. It spaces pads all of the parameter names with whitespace so that the equal signs (=) are all lined up, allowing faster use of the template and better readability of code pages. The format for this template is:

 |Title   = The name of your template
 |Params  = How many parameters you are using
 |P1      = Parameter 1's Name
 |V1      = Parameter 1's Value
 |P2      = Parameter 2's Name
 |V2      = Parameter 2's Value
 |P14     = Parameter 14's Name
 |V14     = Parameter 14's Value
 |P15     = Parameter 15's Name
 |V15     = Parameter 15's Value

In it's initial rendition, only 15 parameters are available for building with this template.

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