This template is a boilerplate description of the baby murloc small pets. It is used on each of the individual baby murloc Companion items pages and on the Baby Murloc page.

Baby murloc companions

There are (currently) three limited availability baby murloc Companion, Murky (blue), Gurky (pink), and Lurky (white).

(There are also green, orange and purple skins for baby murlocs in the game files.)

As companions, they do not aid you in battle. They occasionally burst into dance, complete with top hat and cane, in an amusing tribute to the character Michigan J. Frog. To listen to the baby murloc singing download this MP3.

Both factions have a sample of the blue baby murloc small pet, Murky (labeled Murky), available. The Alliance sample is near the pond in The Forlorn Cavern section in Ironforge, and the Horde sample is on the dock in the fishing pond in the Valley of Honor section in Orgrimmar.

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