Adds a banner and puts the page in Category:AddOns or Category:Hosted AddOns. See also {{Infobox addon}}. Use {{addoninfo}} for regular wiki pages. Use {{Uiaddon}} for technical or development AddOn pages.

Changing this page will affect AddOns, AddOn Libraries, and Tools.

1= (Optional) override the usual banner title
name= thing to call this, if not an 'AddOn'
old= (Optional) set to '1' to mark as abandoned or no longer working in current versions WoW
hosted= (Optional) set to '0' to mark as not 'hosted'
subpage= (Optional) set to '1' to mark as 'subpage'
banner= (Optional) set to '0' to disable the 'cog' banner. normally should have banner for disambiguation
library=|lib= (Optional) set to '1' to mark as AddOn library or 'lib'.

WoWWiki Hosted AddOn Page
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