Show links to achievements inline. Especially useful for meta achievements referencing other achievements in their {{Achievementbox|<criteria>}} entry.


{{Achievementlong|<name>|<optional display name>|<faction=>|<points=>|<all=>}}

  • 1 = The name of the achievement.
  • 2 = Optionally Specify a display name, which can be different than the achievement name.
  • faction= Optionally Show the faction icon.
  • points= Optionally Show the number of points.
  • all= Optionally Show both faction icon and points.
  • id = Optionally Show small external links symbols to various DBs.

You can mix and match.

The following code:

*{{Achievementlong|50 Coins of Ancestry|all=}}
*{{Achievementlong|50 Coins of Ancestry|points=}}
*{{Achievementlong|50 Coins of Ancestry|faction=}}
*{{Achievementlong|50 Coins of Ancestry}}
*{{Achievementlong|50 Coins of Ancestry|50 Coins of Ancestry (Special)}}
*{{Achievementlong|Scrooge (Alliance)|faction=}}

... looks like this:

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