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Tel Abim

Home of the popular Tel'Abim Banana, the island of Tel Abim can be seen on maps as a large, inaccessible island zone southwest of the Maelstrom and far off the eastern coast of Kalimdor. Not much is known about the island. Lands of Mystery shows the location of this island[1] (LoM 66) on a map of the South Seas, which corresponds to an island on the map of Azeroth in World of Warcraft.

Tel Abim in WoW

Tel Abim is yet unavailable, but a few items refer to it; Tel'Abim Bananas are fruits from Tel Abim and bottles that contain a message can be fished from low level zones — they tell about a shipwrecked man at (presumedly) Tel Abim. See [Damp Diary Page (Day 4)], [Damp Diary Page (Day 87)], and [Damp Diary Page (Day 512)].


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