Taoshi is a high-ranked member of Shado-Pan, she is described as Taran Zhu's best friend, and is often called his right-hand man.

In Mists of Pandaria Edit

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Taoshi was on the front lines when the mantid invaded Townlong Steppes, she alongside with the adventurer fought back Norvakess, Terror of the Dread Wastes, in the aftermath of that event, Taoshi returns to help Taran Zhu in fighting the Sha of Hatred. After the sha was defeated, she stays in Shado-Pan Garrison to fight against the mantid at Sra'vess.

Isle of Thunder Edit

When the threat of Lei Shen appeared, Taoshi and Shado-pan forces left to Isle of Thunder to stop him. Though that Shado-pan remained neutral to both Alliance and the Horde, Taoshi notes that only if all three factions work together, than they can stop Lei Shen once and for all. Soon after, Taoshi forms a plan to take the palace shipyard, which Taran Zhu declares too dangerous. She goes to the two other factions, and with their support convinces Taran Zhu to give his approval. The plan -- involving Taoshi sneaking onboard a ship and defeating its crew, then unlocking the door to the shipyard from within -- goes off without a hitch, giving the Shado-Pan, Alliance, and Horde another step forward in taking the island.

Timeless Isle Edit

Taoshi can be found on the Timeless Isle overlooking the Celestial Court.

In Warlords of Draenor Edit

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Taoshi can be found in Garrison.

In Legion Edit

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In World of Warcraft: Legion, Taoshi became a member of The Uncrowned, and she can be found within the sewers of Dalaran in Hall of Shadows.

Quotes Edit

  • You are welcome among the Shado-pan.
  • Good to see you.
  • Ready for some action?
  • You have my attention.
  • Are you here to fight?
  • I would recommend against such actions!
  • You overestimate my patience!
  • Keep it up, they'll never find your body!
  • Stay light on your feet.
  • Be wary beyond the wall.
  • Keep your eyes keen, adventurer.
  • The Shado-pan will be here, if you need us.
  • May fortune follow you.

Shado-Pan DailiesEdit

  • Lets get down to business!
  • Where to?
  • I'm with you.
  • There's no escape for you insects! You face the Shado-Pan this day.
  • You should have stayed in the Dread Wastes!
  • Your queen sends you to your deaths!
  • Silent and deadly.
Killed mob
  • We'll have this whole island cleared out soon.
  • You and I work well together.
  • Haha! Nice one.
  • Impressive.

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