I did some work in the "Other Titan Plugins" section. Under the Sites subheading, I added my site, which has a Titan Panel addon page, and removed Zyph's link as that page has been taken down. Under the Links to addons subheading, I removed the Damage Meter link as that mod is now stand-alone and does not plug in to Titan Panel anymore. Adrenis 18:22, 10 October 2007 (UTC)

So far i really like this mod and give props to the contributors and I only really have one single complaint. Every time I log in or out or change characters I have to reset the "disable screen adjust" to get my mini map and player icon to raise back up to the top most position. Can something be done about that? --Omen

The best place to report bugs and ask questions is probably at the specific pages for Titan penal at download sites like and This page is more for informational purposes for those who don't know about Titan panel. --Fandyllic 5:53 PM PST 6 December 2005 essential for all WoW players. - Itsatrap 12/5/05


Version 2.14 is out now. Someone should write up about it, because I'm not going to.

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