A technique I found usefull is a slight variation of the strafe shot that goes for the same effect as for the Jump Shot. When straffing I adjust a little by pressing the oposite turn key(i.e.: when straffing with 'e', press 'a' at the same time just enough to get firing arc. On kiting that would go like this, wing clip -> strafe away -> adjust and fire instant shots, including concussive.

That is quite simple to execute and do not require any macro or special coordination powers. -- Notivago


When you are around level 19ish you will find it hard to find a bow / crossbow / gun so what I tend to do is just let the mob hit me at close range but i have 3/5 pieces of the fang gear so I can take a hit for those of you who have little health go to Wailing Caverns and get the Fang set. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Killermidget (talkcontr).

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