You make some really nice addons here. I have a few suggestions to improve LootLink.

. Store pricing information for items... vendor sale price, sale price, possibly even auction stuff would be great--like the value it last sold for and was last bought at (the instant-buy price thing) in the auction
. Have a "Note" field where people can enter their own personal text with an item. If the above idea isn't possible, this would help people keep track of the prices themselves and serve to hold whatever other information they may be interested in.
. Have icons, similar to Map Notes, that people can associate with an item. 'No Icon' should also be a choice. Uses for this could be a to supplement smaller notes: things like marking items that are currently equipped, that you're looking for, that you have on auction, or that you're waiting to sell to someone

--RaeVan Morlock 20:42, 2 Dec 2004 (EST)

Regarding LootLink:

I've made a patch that makes it gather information from the Auction House (available here). Any chance of getting it included in LootLink?


To add it, simply paste the code to the end of the LootLink.lua, then make it call LootLink_AuctionFrame_HookFunctions() in the OnLoad function.

-- Sarf 06:45, 3 Dec 2004 (EST)

Can Loot Link be made to work with AllInOneInventory? - solution: use Sell Value (CapnBry's Mods)

And Reagent Helper

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