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  • Updated the talents for the 3.0.2 patch Encylo (talk) 07:29, 16 October 2008 (UTC)
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  • (02/28/07) I'm working on updating all Shaman talents and normalizing them, hence the discrepancy between Elemental and Enhancement/Restoration. Should be finished soon. --Vitaemachina 13:04, 28 February 2007 (EST)
  • (8/29/06) I am fairly sure I have lost casting time on resto spells when Eye of the Storm was active. Are we all sure this works for Resto as well as Elemental spells?

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Capturing information from Hortus' post on the test realms, for later inclusion in post-1.11 pages (some of this isn't talent-related; it will all be fixed up after release):

  • Elemental Devestation doesn't work with flametongue or frostbrand crits.
    • Elemental Devestation is not intended to work with these procs.
  • Earthbind totem affects/agros neutral mobs
    • It is intended that Earthbind totem work on neutral NPCs. It may be that the tooltip is misleading, in which case I can look into possibly having it updated.
  • Fire nova totem does not crit.
    • Fire nova totem can crit, it just has a very low crit rate, which is not related to the shamans crit rate.
  • Elemental warding does not show up in the combat log as a resistance.
    • This is intended, Elemental warding is not a resistance effect, it simply cuts down the damage done to you, it is reflected directly in the combat log by reduced damage.
  • Lightning Shield uses up Stormstrike debuff charges.
    • This is working correctly. Stormstrike affects all sources of nature damage.
  • Searing totem is not affected by +damage gear.
    • I was unable to reproduce this issue, searing totem only receives a small amount of bonus from +damage gear, but I was getting a bonus in my testing.
  • (12/04/07)"The two main drawbacks of the class are low mana efficiency (in the two caster roles)" The Elemental Tree is actually very mana efficient with high end spell crit (I raid with 32%) when specced for it.
    • Regarding Elemental Devastation: "A nice talent in theory for Elemental/Enhancement hybrids, unfortunately this talent is about the only synergy for that build type" again not true- look at Reverberation with Shamanistic Focus and Mental Quickness.
    • Regarding the elemental talent tree: "The shocks are good nukes with decent damage output and each has a useful side effect. The downside of the shocks is that they are not particularly mana efficient and do not have independent cooldowns." Shocks are not the main nuke when using the elemental build, that would be the reason for the poor mana efficiency. Lightning Bolt would be the main nuke on single targets, with the extra 11% crit to lightning bolt (with proper raid spec), the changes to Lightning Overload, global cooldown and spell damage coefficient taken in to consideration. As far as the Elemental Shaman is concerned shocks are for interrupting and kiting.

Talent analysis in headers

Are analysises on this page really neccesary? We do have seperate pages for (most) of the talents, where the analysis can be put.

--(Timmytiptoes) 22:52, 16 November 2007 (UTC)

  • Navigating all those pages can be confusing and boring. Why not structure it all in one page? It would look nice and easy to read through. Zolikk 22:45 local, 12 Jan 2009.

Talents out of date

The shaman class has seen an extensive overhaul since the last update of this page, these talents are way out of date. Just finished some work on the elemental tree, as that is my area of expertise, but I imagine the other trees are in similar condition, as well as various builds being horrible. Will continue my work with the elemetal builds probably later today with the cookie-cutter raiding spec and maybe a pvp spec.

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