Does anyone know if I should keep this fortune after the buff wears off? -- LAISREN

In Sayge's Dark Fortunes section of Useful Buffs, it suggests you can toss the fortune, unless it gives you a quest (after you get the quest, maybe you can still toss it?). -- Fandyllic

Is the fortune given random or does each answer sequence have a corisponding fortune? (Sorry for Spelling) Cloakblade 03:07, 27 August 2007 (UTC)

Consolidating information

Information about these buffs appears on several pages, including another guide on what to say for each option to get a desired outcome. We should probably consolidate this information, and this page seems a likely spot for it. Other pages that relate to this include Sayge, Darkmoon Buffs, Useful buffs, and maybe others. They currently don't link to eachother in a coherent fashion as far I could tell. Sayge didn't even link to Sayge's Fortunes as of this writing (though I'm about to go add a quick link there myself as a stopgap). -- Tuhljin

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