Do AQ20 trash mobs give Cenarion rep all the way to exalted? -- davidc

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Boss #1

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Edited Boss #1 to include my memory of the strategies used to defeat him on the test server. Second edit is details about the fight I'd forgotten about pulled from Blizzplanet.(I forgot about the 75% to hit debuff and the fact the main attack was a cleave.) -- Regault

Thanks Reg. -- Hammersmith

Exercize in tank swapping, healer endurance, and dps dodging AOEs.


Relies on keeping a squad of NPCs alive through waves of trash mobs to help you pwn the boss.


3rd Boss: Cannot be tanked, has to be kited by someone with increased travel speed, then maneuvered over what are essentially landmines.


4th Boss: Not read a decent description of her yet. Apparently optional.


Last Boss: Mekgineer Thermaplugg on a larger scale. Apparently involves using magic pylons to debuff him, otherwise he does more damage than a Broodlord crit.

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About how much reputation do you get per run?

Chest Remark

It says in the main article:

coffer chests in the instance containing scarabs and idols, requiring coffer keys that drop off of mobs. The keys are not soulbound and as of 1.10 no longer disappear when you leave the zone. If you only recieve one (1) key it is recommended you use it on the chest near Ossirian.

Which chest is that near Ossirian? There is no chest in Ossirian's room.

the one between moam and ossirian perhaps ?  - CJ talk / cont  07:30, 1 December 2006 (EST)
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