Romulo has a spell steal ability just like mages do. My guild was using mages to spell steal daring off of Romulo and while browsing the combat log after the raid I noticed the following:

2/12 18:47:55.562 Romulo steals Hov 's Daring.

2/12 18:48:24.937 Romulo steals Hov 's Daring.

2/12 18:48:48.062 Romulo steals Hov 's Daring.

problem with the felhunter is btw that he's usually killed by one of juliettes damage+dot spells. i tried it several times, it might be worth healing him but i relied on sacrificing him instead so i wouldnt have to lifetap

While doing further testing it appears to be a bug in the /combatlog recording. It incorrectly logs the mob stealing a buff while its really the mage stealing the buff. During a High King Maulgar fight the same thing appeared in the combat log with regards to Krosh Firehand.

patch 2.0.11

This encounter has been nerfed significantly. Maybe someone should reflect in the article what has been changed. I don't know it exactly but in our first kill after the patch went live both bosses dealt a LOT less dmg. Our healers got out of the fight with 70% mana. --FallingDown 10:16, 7 April 2007 (EDT)

Blinding Passion Error

Julianne's Blinding Passion spell is not accurate. The article states that the spell does 6000 damage, yet the breakdown only comes to 4500 damage. I will edit it after I discover the correct information.—The preceding unsigned comment was added by Deilleta (talkcontr).

We still need viable screenshots!

I felt bored...--K ) (talk) 20:20, 30 November 2007 (UTC)

Phase three: Split DPS or Staggered DPS, depending on gear/skill

Basically, the technique described on the main page for phase three does not work unless your group is uber-geared and/or perfectly balanced. Julianne will have no problems getting the occasional heal off if the group is borderline, and that 10 second window becomes nearly impossible to hit when all she has to do is squeak off one heal on either one of them to throw things out of whack, then one of them will die too early or too late and even if you don't wipe as a result it's a big mess.

The way around this is to reduce the window of time in which you're vulnerable to Julianne throwing things out of whack. Julianne can only cast those heals so often so the longer this fight runs, the more chances she has to ruin your day. You can take advantage of this by deliberately making sure that should she cast them on Romulo, they will be wasted effort.

Basically, you'll need two tanks (if you can't come up with two tanks in a raid group of 10 people you're on your own), and you'll need to stagger the DPS. Decide in advance how to divide the 10 raid members so as to divide the damage per second evenly, taking into account that the cast-interrupters will mostly be staying on Julianne. The first two phases of the fight will go as previously described--kill Julianne in one corner, then kill Romulo in the other. Also as previously described during the third phase the primary job of the players who can stun/counterspell will be to keep Julianne from healing. Your off-tank's job will simply be to keep Romulo busy in his corner during the first part of this while everyone else beats Julianne down to about 25% health. During this time, any heals Julianne manages to throws on Romulo are effectively wasted because he'll be so close to full health. This makes all the difference. Once Julianne is down to 25% everyone who isn't tanking or stunning/counterspelling Julianne should then focus on DPSing Romulo down to a matching level (aim for about 5% less since Julianne will still be taking some damage). When their health is roughly equal, the raid leader will give the order to then go to the pre-arranged split-DPS arrangement and you will find that it is far easier to get them to die simultaneously. Pet classes should feel free to switch their pet's targets at will to keep things as even as possible (because pets can move from target to target far faster than most players). You may be able to get away with using as low as 15% as a target, but any lower than that and you risk the tank killing Julianne early just trying to keep her attention.

-- Dagmar d'Surreal (talk) 22:26, 5 June 2008 (UTC)


Who's actually harder? BobNamataki (talk) 18:27, October 22, 2009 (UTC)

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