Focus (the proc from Hand of Edward the Odd) uses Spell_Holy_SearingLight and the Shaman ability Flurry uses Ability_GhoulFrenzy, just to add to the list.

And here is a way to find out the name of any icon you want, regardless of whether or not you have the spell that uses it. Make a Macro with the icon you wish to know the texture name of, and place it in ActionSlot1. Then use this code I found elsewhere on WoWWiki
/script message(ActionButton1Icon:GetTexture())
Place the above code into the macro and then it'll give you a popup window with the name of the icon's texture that you chose. --Blailus 15:14, 17 Feb 2006 (EST)

In regards to the 'Queriable Buff effects' header

This is untrue. The icons found on thottbot are the icons used in the spell book and not what the icon actually is once cast on a target. Though the list [of icon paths] found in this article shows the correct ones used on targets/player so it can be a little misleading. Guur3k 15:16, 1 October 2006 (EDT)

Added Inspiration and moved Chulainn's comment

Noticed that Chulainn made a comment that they didn't know how to add an item to the table. I used the info they provided to add Inspiration and moved their comment here for archiving DigitalSorceress (talk) 20:28, 20 April 2009 (UTC)

I am unsure how to add to the table above.  
For those interested, the priest Inspiration armour buff is called INV_SHIELD_06 
- Chulainn (Sept.01, 2006)
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