Holy Priests can basicly only outlast the opponent so it'll be a very long fight =S Shadow Priests, on the other hand, are basicly like every other nuking caster class so with the right gear and planning, they might not have to heal at all (Vampiric Embrace does count ^^).

Huh? Holy Priests don't have Mind Flay, so they aren't going to outdamage a shadow priest most of the time, but they are still quite capable of dealing damage. I've seen them kill mages in two casts without healing. Holy Specialization, Divine Fury, Searing Light, and Spiritual Guidance are all talents that increase priests' holy damage from Smite, Holy Fire, etc. If they're holy/disc (which seems to be the obvious choice for a holy priest) they can also get improved divine spirit to add another 10% (of spirit) damage on top of Spiritual Guidance, and both of these bonuses are doubled for 15 seconds at a time if they can find 5 points to put into Spirit Tap.

Quality of How to kill a....priest Edit

Here are my suggestions for this page.

1) The language used needs to be edited asap. Too much subjectivity "I pwn this class...these guys are easy.." Or " I prefer to..." etc etc. That's not how wiki articles are supposed to be written.
2)Any page suffers from this, but recent patches have led to advancements, some of the statements here are outdated.
3) We should divide tactics against each class into 2 or 3 segments. A shadow and Discipline section for sure, perhaps a holy one, but that has very little pvp viability especially arena.
4) Although this may complicate matters, and only make the page larger, perhaps useful tips and tactics based on general situations e.g BG's, Arena's etc.
5) I've started doing this, but linking video's of shadow & disc priest duels/arena matches/bg's which provide examples of how to fight the other classes.

I have deleted the shadowpriest section from "how to kill a rogue" since at the beginning of the page there is link to a shadowpriest pvp guide.

I move that the shadowpriest section from "how to kill a mage" should me merged with the above guide.

Help this page for inexperienced pvpers. Edit

Hey, if you are a level 90, experienced pvp priest, then please give out info on this page. Note, your win-loss record has to be high. If these conditions are met, please renew this page and edit it. Thank you. (I can't, as I'm a rouge)--Perdiot (talk) 12:25, January 13, 2013 (UTC)Perdiot

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